Crius CN-06 v1.0 GPS module EEPROM mod

Crius CN-06 v1.0 GPS module EEPROM mod



If you have the CRIUS CN-06 v1.0 GPS module, you may already know the module is capable of doing 10 Hz refresh and higher bit rates on the serial communication if you configure it via the u-blox uCenter software. The module comes with a rechargeable backup battery. However the charge does not last long and once the charge is gone, so will your modifications to the gps module. The GPS module resets to its default 1 Hz refresh rate and 9600 bps settings once the module’s backup battery drains out. There is an easy permanent fix to this problem and that is to add a serial EEPROM chip with I2C interface to the GPS module’s I2C port.

There are couple of I2C serial EEPROM chips out there and one of those is the Microchip 24AA32A or 24LC32A 32K I2C Serial EEPROM chip. These chips sell for about $0.50 per piece or less if you buy more. It comes in PDIP, MSOP, SOIC, TSSOP, SOT-23 and TDFN packages. I picked the SOT-23 package for its size and it can be hand soldered with some care. The picture shown above shows how to connect the EEPROM chip to the GPS module pin-by-pin.

Once you solder all the wires as shown in the picture you are ready to save your configurations in the EEPROM chip via uCenter software. You just need to select the I2C EEPROM storage from the list of available option when saving the configuration.

Now you can leave the module configured and forget about the battery being drained. Your custom configurations will be retained in the EEPROM permanently.

Here are the photos of my module after the mod:

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