How cool is a programmable wrist watch?

How cool is a programmable wrist watch?

When I was on TI’s website today checking out the MSP430 microcontroller series chips, I also discovered another cool product they have. It’s a wristwatch with built-in RF transceiver based on their one family of microcontrollers (CC430 RF SoC Series). It is called the EZ430-Chronos. This is full featured sports watch with time keeping, 3-axis accelerometer, pressure sensor and temperature sensor. The watch can easily communicate with other wireless sensors around it that are transmitting in the same frequency. The watch kit comes with two USB interface module. One for wireless connection to the watch to set time etc. or collect accelerometer and other sensor data on the pc. The other interface is to reprogram the watch if you want. The kit also comes with tools to disassemble the watch for reprogramming. There is a wiki page for more information at:

I believe it will be definite attraction for techsavy people out there.

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