How I fixed my Samsung LCD tv power on problem.

How I fixed my Samsung LCD tv power on problem.

I have a 40″ Samsung LCD TV (with CCFL back light)for a little over 3 years now. Recently the TV would repeatedly restart after turning it on, but would eventually come on. The number of restarts were increasing every day. I realized the TV is going to fail to turn on sooner or later due to a power supply related failure. I searched on the web about such problem and interesting enough found couple of YouTube videos explaining the problem and how to fix this. Apparently, the problem happens due to two failed electrolytic capacitor used in the power supply unit of the tv. Those are two 1000uF 10v electrolytic capacitors to be exact. So I went ahead and opened up the tv last Sunday to check if my TV is suffering from the same failure. Here is the photo of the power supply unit of the TV:

This image shows the two failed capacitors, the capacitors with lifted tops.

This image shows the back side of the circuit board, where the polarity of the capacitors are marked.

This image shows the two capacitors from side and their specifications.

So I went to RadioShack to pick replacements. RadioShack had a little higher voltage rating and little lower temparature rated replacement which would work fine. RadioShack had 1000uF, 35v, 85C rated ones. The original was 1000uF 10v 105C. So I picked up two of those for $1.79 each. After removing the bad capacitors, I soldered the new ones. Then started the re-assembly of the tv. Once done, I powered up the tv and it came on without any issue, no more restarting. :-)

This photo shows the two capacitors that were replaced.

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