I2C OLED board

I2C OLED board


Today I received the OLED boards I ordered at oshpark. Here is how those look:

The OLED display is a 0.96 inch 128×64 mono OLED display commonly found on eBay. It has the SSD1306 controller. I assembled one of the boards and tested it out. Everything works fine. These boards will be great for projects where pin count and size is critical, as it uses only two I2C pins to communicate and so small it fits in the back of the OLED display. I am planning to put one of these on my home made quadcopter transmitter (previous post) to display transmitter settings and telemetry data. Here is the assembled board:

The schematics for this board can be found in this earlier post.

Buy I2C OLED Boards Here

2 thoughts on “I2C OLED board

  1. Martijn

    Awesome little board, much smaller than you can usually get which is great! Would love to see the shematics but the link doesn’t seems to work.

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