My first manufactured PCB, the stepper controller.

My first manufactured PCB, the stepper controller.

After a failed attempt to make a diy double sided pcb for the 3-axis stepper motor controller for my mini PCB maker CNC, I decided to try out the reasonably well priced pcb manufacturing service from iTead studio. They offer 10 pieces of 2″x2″  2 layer pcb at $9.90 plus shipping which comes at around $14. SeeedStudio also has a similar pcb service called Fusion PCB Service on the same price. Today I received my pcbs and on the first glance it looks quite well made. It took me little less than 4 weeks from ordering and receiving. Here are some photos:

Top Layer:

Top Layer

Bottom Layer:

Bottom Layer

Next is to get busy soldering and test out the board. If everything goes well, I will publish the schematic and design files. I was not very sure how to control the silkscreen on the board in Eagle before placing the order in a hurry. So the board does not look very well labeled in the header areas.

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