My LapPi project; the Raspberry Pi Laptop

My LapPi project; the Raspberry Pi Laptop

After getting inspired by a DIY video at adafruit website, I decided to try it out myself with a little bit different approach in terms of powering the board etc. I bought the motorola atrix lapdock from dailysteals when it was put there for $50. Here is how I have put the pieces together:

Step 1: The first step is to put shorts across the two usb power fuses on my Raspberry Pi model B version 1 board to make sure the board can pull over 500mA power from usb. Because my idea is to power the Raspberry Pi from the lapdock usb hub. The shorts are shown below in the top right are of the board:

Step 2: The next step is to make a micro-usb female to usb male cable to connect one of the Raspberry Pi usb ports to the micro-usb port on the motorola lapdock. I had a few pcb boards fabricated with micro-usb female sockets previously. I took one of the discarded pcb boards and cut-off the micro-usb connector are part of the pcb to assemble my micro usb female socket partion of the cable. This is shown in the picture below:

I bought a couple usb male sockets some time ago and used one of those to get the Raspberry Pi side of the usb connector cable going as show in the picture below:

Here is a photo of both sides of the cable soldered, shrink tubed and ready to be put together and used:

Step 3: After testing the connections on the usb cable, the next step was to connect The Raspberry Pi to the motorola lapdock using the usb cable and the HDMI Male to MicroHDMI female adapter I bought from eBay. Sure enough the Raspberry Pi powered up, booted into RaspBMC normally. The lapdock keyboard and touch pad were also working. Here are some of the photos:

Figure: RaspberryPi connected to the laptop shown from front.

Figure: View from the back of lapdock screen

Figure: Raspberry Pi booted into RaspBMC on the lapdock

Figure: View from top

Figure: Movie trailer running on the lapdock screen in RaspBMC

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