Sanguino bare minimum board – SMD

Sanguino bare minimum board – SMD

I needed to make a small sanguino (ATMega644p running arduino) board to do some prototyping. I had the TQFP44 package of ATMega644p available and came up with a smd circuit design. Here is the result of the first prototype:

Here is the board running the “Blink” sketch:

The board has only the necessary components to get the board running: reset switch, 16MHz crystal, red power led and blue led on digital pin 0 and a few resistors and capacitors.

I recently learned to use EagleUp, which you can use as a plugin in Eagle to export 3D models of your pcb boards. The exported models can be imported in google sketchup to render a 3D model of the pcb board. I did not have all the 3D models for the parts collected yet, so only the available models are rendered in the model:

If you are interested to making this board at home, here are the eagle design files:

1. Schematic: Sanguino.sch (266.74 kb)

2. Board: Sanguino.brd (55.28 kb)


Sanguino bootloader resources: 

EagleUp resources:

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