The 3-Axis Stepper Motor Controller board works!!

The 3-Axis Stepper Motor Controller board works!!

I have posted recently about getting some pcb boards manufactured for a 3 Axis stepper motor controller I designed based on the easy driver stepper motor controller. After spending some time soldering the components using my mini toaster oven and a little bit of hand soldering job; the board is ready for testing. The above image shows the completed board with all hte input/output/power header pins.

After installing the grbl firmware on my arduino, I connected the arduino to the stepper motor controller board to control x and y axis. I ran the Grbl Controller for Windows and send G code and it worked perfectly even on the usb port power supply after tweaking a few grbl parameters; because the stepper motors were rated a 500-700mA or so. However, the usb power will not be enough to drive 3 stepper motors under load when the the motors are fixed on the CNC machine.

testing 3 axis stepper driver board

Here is a short video of Grbl Controller software controlling the stepper motors via the stepper controller board and arduino:

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