ChipKIT Uno32 and Philips PCF8833 color display module – Part 2

ChipKIT Uno32 and Philips PCF8833 color display module – Part 2

In my last post I posted a sketch that takes advantage of codes copied and modified from the Henning Karlsen GLCD library for arduino to work in the ChipKIT Uno32 board. This time I modified the library to work with ChipKIT Uno32 IDE.

Here is the updated library for download:

RGB_GLCD_CK.rar (159.96 kb)

Here is the updated library in use to display bitmap images:

Arduino sketch is here for download:

RGB_GLCD_Bitmap_CK.rar (50.89 kb)

5 thoughts on “ChipKIT Uno32 and Philips PCF8833 color display module – Part 2

  1. Claudio

    Dear friend, i’m try to use your library made for chipkit uno32, but when I try to verify the sketch, the compiler says me that
    "RGB_GLCD_Bitmap_CK.cpp:21:22: fatal error: RGB_GLCD.h: No such file or directory"

    Where is my fault ?

  2. pial

    Hi Claudio,
    Please make sure you copy the RGB_GLCD library files under the chipkit mpIDE library folder, which is different than regular arduino IDE library directory. For mpIDE, libraries needs to be put under \hardware\pic32\libraries or you will get this compiler error. If you have any more question, let me know. Good luck.

  3. Dennis Clark

    I put your library under the package …resources/Java/hardware/PIC32/libraries.

    I tried to compile the GLCD_DEMO that runs with the AVR Arduino UNO and got "AVR Specific" compile errors. So, how does one separate these libraries? There is no hardware/AVR/libraries location.

    Best regards,

  4. Dennis Clark

    OK, I got it to work – But only by removing the AVR library from the common library path – Which makes sense. Thanks for your efforts! I notice though that because your changes use the Arduino abstracted calls and the AVR library uses AVR direct hardware access, that the PIC32 code runs only a tiny bit faster than the AVR code! Ouch! The PIC32 is at least 5X faster, but the Arduino abstraction layer removes every bit of that speed! Now, to optimize this a bit…


  5. pial

    Glad to know you got it working. I didn’t have time to optimize the library. Good luck with the optimization and would love to see it working.


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