First outdoor test with my Quadcopter

First outdoor test with my Quadcopter

Last Saturday was the warmest day of the year here so far. So we went to the park to do a outdoor test of my Qaudcopter. I had a sony bloggie video camera on board but unfortunately the camera lens was tilted downwards too much, so all it recorded was the ground with occasional brief horizon views during pitch/roll maneuver. However, the second camera did capture the flight quite well. Here is a short video of the flight..

The quadcopter controller is running on a homemade arduino board with Atmega328 (running at 16HMz) and the homemade sensor board mentioned in my last post. The sensor board has ITG3200 gyro & BMA180 accelerometer for stable flight mode and BMP085 barometric pressure sensors for altitute hold. I am using Hextronix 24 gram brushless motors and Super Simple 10A ESCs from hobbyking and a 4000mAh 2 cell lipo battery. The frame is made from round aluminium tubes and I am using a align t-rex 450 helicopter landing skids.

Here is a short video from the onboard camera:

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