NanoFlyer 2.0 prototype board and the mini quadcopter

NanoFlyer 2.0 prototype board and the mini quadcopter

NanoFlyer 2.0 prototype board and the mini quadcopter

This is the mini quad with the NanoFlyer 2.0 board. The board has the newer MPU6050 Gyro/Accel and HMC5883L magnetic sensors. There are total of 5 LEDs on the board to show different indications, on board pcb antenna which has good sensitivity for indoor flights. The microcontroller is the ATMEL ATMega128RFA1 8-bit microcontroller with built-in 2.4GHz transceiver SoC. The flight control software is based on MultiWii 2.2. Here are few additional photos of the tiny quad:

I am also working on the software of the thumb stick controller board. I have added an OLED display to the controller to show different channel data, multiwii mode selection, sensor selection. The controller can also read PID settings from the flight controller board and display, send sensor calibration signals from the menu, read live sensor data etc. I have also programmed a timer that starts and shows the time on the display as soon as I arm the MultiWii. That helps me keep track of flight time and decide when to land before the battery drains out. Here are a few photos:

Acceleromter and magnetometer calibration can be initiated from the transmitter. Also live raw sensor data, attitude angle data etc. of the quadcopter can be viewed on the transmitter screen.

PID tuning from the miniTX transmitter.


I am currently working on a minTX transmitter and nanoFlyer Quadcopter controller kit that can be easily assembled with small Quadcopter frames and small brushed motors that are available in the market to have a fully functional ready to fly tiny/mini/medium sized quadcopter. Fully assembled quadcopter kits will also be available. If you are interested to be notified when those are ready, please contact me.

6 thoughts on “NanoFlyer 2.0 prototype board and the mini quadcopter

  1. Frank


    I love your project, and I’m particularly interested in the Transmitter. Ive been dying to make a mini travel transmitter for my quadcopter. would you be willing to share some of the details on how to make one. or even just where you got the gimbals? ive been looking for a gimbal that isnt spring loaded for throttle but havent been able to find one. any ways, Awesome work!!



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  3. Ashim

    hi, i am interested in purchasing one working model of your quad. please notify me if you are interested to sell in. i want to buy it as soon as possible


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