New NanoFlyer board sneak view.

New NanoFlyer board sneak view.

New NanoFlyer board sneak view.

Sneak preview of the new version of the NanoFlyer board I am currently working on. It is smaller, lighter and smarter with more sensors. It has the MPU9150 9 axis sensor and MPL3115A2 precision baro/altimeter on board (missing the picture as I am still waiting for the shipment to be delivered), built-in brushed motor driver (4 motors) and pcb antenna and expansion pads for digital and analog I/O pins. The MPU9150 sensor seems to provide more stability in attitude mode. I am not using the built-in DMP data, but the raw sensor data at this point. I still need to implement the code for MPL3115A2 for altitude hold and altimeter reading back to the miniTX. The MPL311A2 sensor supports resolution down to 1 ft/0.3 meters. I am curious to find out if that can do a reasonably well altitude hold. Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “New NanoFlyer board sneak view.

  1. Woozer

    Nice Update!

    What fet’s did you choose in the end for your motors. I remember reading you were testing some different ones.

    btw, where did you order your mpu 9150? I can’t find it in europe is supposed to have it next week. this site has the MS5611 as well, up to 10 cm resolution.

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