The Cardboard Mini Quad

The Cardboard Mini Quad

The Cardboard Mini Quad

I wanted to try out a mini cardboard quadcopter frame and here is the result:

Figure: Top View

The cardboards came from a laptop packaging box. I first drew the arm outlines on the cardboard and then used scissors to cut out the drawings.

Figure: Bottom View

I used regular glue first to attach the pieces and then had to use hot glue to give the frame some structural strength; specially in the area where the arms connect to the center plate. Also cardboards are relatively softer when cut into smaller pieces. Also hot glue was used to secure the motors to the arms.

Figure: Side Views

I used one of my NanoFlyer 1.0 boards and a brushed motor board control the four tiny motors.

Figure: The tiny brushed motor board at the flip side

And yes, it does fly! :-)

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