The mini USB->Serial

The mini USB->Serial

Here is another tiny project for my need of a small usb to serial device for easy programming and debugging of arduino. The device is built around the FTDI FT230X chip. It needs only a few passive extra components to work. I also added a PTC fuse to protect the usb port. I am currently using it on my Mini Transmitter project and also with the NanoFlyer mini quadcopter. It makes firmware update and serial debugging very easy and does not take much space on my already cluttered limited desk space.

The board has the option to select 3.3v or 5.0v output on VCC pin via jumpers.

Here are few photos:



Connected to NanoFlyer:

Connected to MiniTX:

2 thoughts on “The mini USB->Serial

  1. David Hackenbracht

    Could you include a schematic?

    Interested in the drive motor circuit hardware, I’m looking at this for future project – driving a small motor with a transistor.
    2N2222 possible, just wanted to see what you had used, and biasing resistors. Good brag tho…….Nice pictures and board, very nice board.


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